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About me

Celina Rigby is an Australian, Brisbane based photographer who is passionate about storytelling and photography. Celina is interested in culture, social issues and, more specifically, people. She wants to help contemporary society become more aware of its surroundings, by covering social events and people's experiences. 

In 2019, Celina completed her Bachelor of Photography, with a major in Documentary at Griffith University's Queensland College of Art and has graduated from Honours year as an extension of her Bachelor of Photography degree in 2020. 


QCA Honours & MAVA Graduate Exhibition, White Box Gallery (2020)

QCA Graduate Exhibition, White Box Gallery (2019)

Luz Exhibition at Machinery Street Galleries (2018)

Awards & Nominations:

C.R. Kennedy award for Excellence in Photographic Documentary Practice- The Couple Who Waves (2019)

QCA Graduate Exhibitions Artist Talk (November 2019)


The Argus (September 2019)

The Junction Journalism (October 2019)

2023 by Celina Rigby

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